Red Orange Juice Extract Improves Sprint and Endurance Performance

A new study on amateur cyclists has found that 500mgs of a natural, antioxidant extract from red-orange juice (known as ‘2S-Hesperidin’) taken before high-intensity cycling exercise improves anaerobic performance. Click here to see the study. Hesperidin is a ‘polyphenol’ antioxidant found citrus fruits, and previous research has also demonstrated its ability to enhance aerobic performance. Find out more about natural fruit antioxidants and how they can enhance sports performance in one of my Peak Performance articles.

Train Your Upper Body for Better Running Performance

New research by US and German scientists has found that core and upper body muscle fatigue worsens running economy at higher running speeds. Read more here. Running economy is a measure of how efficiently muscular energy is converted into motion – and is a key determinant of performance! The implication is that runners seeking maximum performance could benefit from regular core and upper body training.

Forget Fancy Analysis: Well-Fitting Shoes Protect Runners Against Injury!

A fascinating new study has found that runners seeking to avoid an injury should select shoes that fit really well with a good closure mechanism. Click here to read. Conversely, choosing running shoes mainly on the basis of a gait analysis, or being overly influenced by advice of others INCREASED the risk of a subsequent injury. The implication of this study is that runners should not ignore the way a shoe ‘feels’ on the foot; if it feels uncomfortable on your, it’s probably not right for you – even if an assessment method says it is!

Want Weight Loss? Walk, Run Or Climb – But Don’t Swim!

Some media outlets have been reporting on new research suggesting that swimming – especially in colder water – stimulates appetite, making it a far less effective exercise for weight loss than activities such as walking, running and climbing However, I would respectfully like to point out that these findings are most definitely NOT new. I reported similar research findings on swimming and weight loss way back in 2007! You can read all about it in my article on this topic